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Grammaire anglaise

English grammar test

Evaluate your knowledge of the english grammar. Please select the word(s) or phrase(s) that best complete(s) each sentence :

Nom & Prénom
Entreprise / Organisme
1. John ______ on business trips.
2. It was a tedious and long week, I ______ anything.
3. Daniella has been selling houses ______.
4. ______ each other for a long time ? Yes, since we were at school.
5. ______ anyone ______ my handbag ?
6. The woman standing opposite me was very uptight she obviously ______ for someone a long time.
7. She ______ swim very well when she was younger but not anymore.
8. More and more people will have to ______ computer keyboards.
9. The phone’s going would you mind ______ it ?
10. I will do my shopping tonight it will save me from ______ on Saturday.
11. You can’t stop me ______ what I want !
12. Would you like ______ a message ?
13. I’m going to ______ in the mountains.
14. The publisher Paul Raymond is ______ the richest man in Britain.
15. Paul Raymond is ______ buying up properties over forty years ago.
16. The back up system ______ turned on by that time.
17. When we ______ in London we ______ by the manager and the work team.
18. I wish my boss ______ a pay rise every now and again.
19. I’d rather we ______ the meeting on account of the appalling weather conditions.
20. The most important thing is that he regularly ______ English classes.