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Business English : Finance

Evaluate your business English in Finance (banking / stock markets / financial analysis / Investment banking) !

Please select the word(s) or phrase(s) that best complete(s) each sentence.

Entreprise / Organisme
1. What are the two different parts of the balance sheet ? ______.
2. Low do you calculate the "working capital" ? ______.
3. The General Motors company announced 10% increase in profit per share, as a result, it's ______ is up by 2% this morning on the dow Jones.
4. Overheads are a part of ______.
5. It's great to export to USA, there is a ______ involved however.
6. The CFO wants to hedge his company against the future changes in oil prices, as a result, he will buy corresponding ______.
7. A good way of measuring management efficiency is to calculated the ROE (return on equity) : how do you do that ? ______.
8. After delivering our products to our customers, we have to send them ______ in order to get paid.
9. Our core business is very profitable generating a high ______.
10. As our working capital is thriving, we have to ask our bank to structure an additionnal ______.
11. Asset managers are in charge of stockpicking and ______ of the portfolio.
12. The overall yearly performance of a company is described in writing in the ______.
13. The inventory has lost 20% of its value, we will have to ______ it.
14. The company will raise capital next year through its ______ on the stock market.
15. The inflation rate is too high right now that is why the central bank is likey to ______ soon its discount rate.
16. H & M is openning 150 new shops next year, which will increase its ______.
17. Payment for imported products from Asia is usually by documentary credit or ______.
18. Private equity funds usually acquire companies through an LBO. What does it mean ? ______.
19. Discounted cash flow working capital property, plant and equipement value poison
20. The holding company has become ______ : it cant repay its debt !